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The i2k Connect AI Platform integrates Subject Matter Expertise with AI technology – natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). It automatically enriches documents by classifying them into relevant taxonomies, geotagging entities, and extracting key concepts, authors, institutions, titles, and summaries. The latest developments have enabled the platform to recognize key events, find and extract data points in document text, tables and SQL databases, and answer questions posed in natural language.

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Similar to online shopping, you can filter out the clutter and zero in on exactly what you need.

Our software supports multiple deployments, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, private clouds, and data centers.

Personalized Search

Our platform delivers browser-based, personalized search to enable you to find information in the same way that you shop for goods online.

  • AI Technologies
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Named Entity Recognition
    • Machine Learning
    • Knowledge-Based Systems
    • Computer Vision

i2k AI Portal

Each page of results includes an optional four-panel dashboard that provides overview data for the collection of records returned by your search:

  • a timeline of documents and their chronological frequency,
  • a concept tag cloud, an interactive map of geopolitical locations identified in the content, and
  • a social network graph of collaborations among authors and institutions.

File Overview

The overview for each file shows:

  • a thumbnail image,
  • basic metadata such as source and date,
  • plus additional automatically determined descriptive tags:
    • title,
    • summary,
    • concept tags, and
    • classifications into taxonomic classes of interest.

All tags speed up reviewing potentially relevant items.


In the out-of-the-box software, you can select from a hierarchical list of about 6,000 classes arranged in 15 taxonomies. Each of the taxonomies indicates a broad category, perspective or “view” that is available to refine your search. 

Concept Tags

Documents are automatically tagged with unique, accurate, and consistent metadata using AI technology, informed by industry knowledge.


Our Vision

To eliminate 90% of the manual effort expended by workers to find, extract and interpret data in documents, and by staff members, records analysts, and archivists to tag documents.



i2k AI Platform



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