Ready for your Industry

Out of the box, the i2k Connect Platform tags documents with accurate and consistent metadata, tuned by work in several industries and applications. And novel machine learning enables it to adapt quickly to your company's preferred approach.

No need for your subject matter experts to spend months creating tagging rules or pre-tagging documents.

The i2k Connect Platform is domain-aware and ready for your industry.  Some examples include:

Oil & Gas

Information is the foundation of the business, much of it contained in documents. We improve your operational efficiency by automatically identifying basins, fields and formations, and by classifying into the Society of Petroleum Engineers and Geologic Time taxonomies. See the SPE Research Portal, powered by i2k Connect. More...

Health & Wellness

Every HR department tracks news pertinent to the welfare of their employees – who themselves want to follow best practices for fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition. Accurate tagging is essential for extracting the essentials from the clutter for today's busy people. See i2k's work with health & wellness experts at TOVI. More...

Supply Chain

Understanding breaking news by the minute is a differentiator for effective Supply Chain optimization and Risk Management. We monitor and sift through hundreds of news feeds to alert you to just the information you need to read to mitigate your Supply Chain risk.

Artificial Intelligence

Developments in AI are set to dramatically impact many industries. Keep abreast of the latest news or get a basic understanding of this fast-moving field at AITopics, powered by i2k Connect. More...