3 may 2019

Powering Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge Flow with AI

i2k Connect and SPE implemented a new research portal, supported by artificial intelligence (AI). The portal integrates subject matter expert knowledge with AI natural language processing and machine learning. It automatically enriches documents by classifying them into relevant taxonomies, geotagging oil fields, and extracting key concepts, authors, and institutions. These enrichments enable SPE members to zero in on the relevant information from all SPE channels and to graphically analyze timeframes, geography, related concepts and cross industry collaboration (using social net analysis). Presented at APQC's 2019 Knowledge Management Conference, Houston, TX, May 3, 2019. More...

19 nov 2018

i2k Blog: Stop Searching ... Start Finding! Use Artificial Intelligence to Gain Insight

Good information matters: Well-informed employees are more productive. Well-informed consumers are better customers. And as employees and consumers ourselves, we need good information to make decisions. Bruce Buchanan highlights the ways in which Artificial Intelligence enables people to find what they need rather than wasting their valuable time to search with obsolete strategies. More...

18 sep 2018

i2k Blog: Connecting Information Back to Knowledge with AI

Businesses produce and acquire information continuously: field logs, financial reports, meeting minutes, industry newsletters, news reports, etc. Knowledge is power, but documents are not knowledge. They are just information that must be read and understood by decision-makers to be useful. Josh Eckroth shows how Artificial intelligence can connect that information back to knowledge. More...

1 may 2018

i2k Connect finds, filters and tags health & wellness information for TOVI

i2k Connect powers information discovery for health & wellness experts at TOVI, which delivers personalized health information to employees at client corporations. More...

"i2k saves us from having to scour the Internet for relevant content and does the searching for us! This time-saving platform finds us material from reliable and trustworthy sources that our users find very informative, interesting and useful."

– Suzanne Grendahl, Content Manager, TOVI

10 oct 2017

AI, IG and what it all means: Gimmal interview with Reid Smith

Recently, Gimmal interviewed Reid Smith, co-founder and CEO at i2k Connect. We spoke at length about artificial intelligence, information governance, GDPR, and a host of other topics. More...

"The first thing is that manual information governance is not sustainable. I see AI and machine learning as the way forward, and it's not just machine learning. It's all the advances, including natural language processing, in addition to what's going on in machine learning."

– Reid Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, i2k Connect

13 apr 2017

i2k Connect powers oil & gas information discovery

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and i2k Connect launched Enriched Search, a new experience for finding and analyzing information to more than one hundred thousand Upstream Oil & Gas industry professionals. More...

"SPE has a wealth of highly valued information, but finding it can be a challenge – even when you know it is there. i2k Connect's AI-based tools give our members the means to surface the right information at the right time."

– John Boden, VP of IT and Membership Services, SPE

Press Release

5 feb 2017

i2k Connect releases AITopics 3.0

Under the sponsorshop of The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, i2k Connect Platform powers AITopics, the Internet's largest collection of information about the research, the people, and the applications of Artificial Intelligence. AITopics 3.0 adds powerful new functionality and a modern look to this resource valued by students and AI professionals across the world. More...

"The site continues to be a valuable resource for our members and the lay public for current and historical information about AI. It is especially gratifying to have the power of AI used in the service of the AI community."

– Carol Hamilton, Executive Director, AAAI

Press Release

01 mar 2016

i2k Connect's Dr. Eric Schoen to present at the Energy Conference Network

i2k Connect, an Innovation Partner for the Energy Conference Network, is pleased to announce that Dr. Eric Schoen, Director of Engineering, will be delivering a presentation on Mining Value from E&P Information Lost in the Cloud. The central theme of the conference is "Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI in Oil and Gas."  More...

"There is valuable E&P information and knowledge in unstructured documents; however, almost half of the organizations in the latest Enterprise Findability Survey are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied, having a hard time finding what they are looking for. AI, Machine Learning and Subject Matter Expertise can be integrated to improve efficiency and unlock connections and trends among learnings captured in disparate documents."

– Eric Schoen

07 oct 2015

i2k Connect LLC Wins $739,240 NSF SBIR Phase II Award for Adding Structure to Unstructured Data

The two-year National Science Foundation grant will enable i2k Connect to complete the development and validation of its technology and prepare to enter the file analysis market. i2k Connect combines machine learning with subject matter expert knowledge to interpret unstructured data spread across many documents, internal and from the Internet. By delivering focused information to decision makers, i2k Connect addresses the key commercial bottlenecks of consistency, scalability, performance, and total cost of ownership that have stymied efforts to improve information governance through automation.  More...

"Corporations run on information, much of it in documents which cannot be found easily, making the data in them effectively lost to the organization. A major cause is that consistently organizing and tagging documents manually is very difficult to sustain."

– Reid Smith

08 jun 2015

i2k Connect Names Eric Schoen Director of Engineering

i2k Connect LLC, builder of AI-based technology that transforms unstructured documents into structured data enriched with subject matter expert knowledge, has named Eric J. Schoen as its new Director of Engineering. Dr. Schoen, who had been Chief Software Architect at Schlumberger, will have overall responsibility for i2k Connect's product suite. More...

"Eric Schoen's arrival will strengthen and accelerate our product development," noted Reid G. Smith, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of i2k Connect LLC. "Eric's extensive experience with enterprise-scale software development will greatly benefit i2k Connect. Furthermore, his comprehensive understanding of the software and information needs of the Oil & Gas industry will enhance the ability of i2k Connect to serve our clients in this sector."

– Reid Smith

14 jul 2014

i2k Connect Awarded Phase I SBIR Grant from the National Science Foundation to Accelerate its Artificial Intelligence-based Auto-Classification Technology

i2k Connect's vision is "connecting the dots" so that information in individual documents may be easily found and information across many documents may be understood and brought to the attention of decision makers. More...