SPE has a wealth of highly valued information, but finding it can be a challenge – even when you know it is there. Without a dramatic change, the situation will not get any better, especially as the diversity of our information sources expands. i2k Connect’s AI-based tools give our members the means to surface the right information at the right time.

– John Boden, VP of IT and Membership Services, SPE

The AAAI is pleased to be working with i2k Connect to deliver a new look and new functionality for AITopics. The site continues to be a valuable resource for our members and the lay public for current and historical information about AI. It is especially gratifying to have the power of AI used in the service of the AI community.

– Carol Hamilton, Executive Director, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

i2k saves us from having to scour the Internet for relevant content and does the searching for us! This time-saving platform finds us material from reliable and trustworthy sources that our users find very informative, interesting and useful.

– Suzanne Grendahl, Content Manager, TOVI

I usually spend hours or days scrolling through the G Drive searching for data or past presentations when I join a new team. I also spend similar amounts of time trying to sort through so many folders from people who are no longer in the company, occasionally being blocked because it was placed in the wrong folder. The access to folders, the efficiency, and the knowledge of duplicates is revolutionary to how I now approach a new team and/or project. I have found more documents in random places in a single search than I have in a day’s worth of time spent scrolling the Drive.” 

– Katy Foltz, Noble Energy