Find Data Lost in the Cloud

Without Manual Tagging

Using Artificial Intelligence

i2k Connect transforms unstructured documents into structured data enriched with subject matter expertise. We use novel Artificial Intelligence technology – informed by industry knowledge – to automatically tag documents with unique, accurate, and consistent metadata – so they can be found, analyzed and acted on.

Our i2k Connect Platform delivers the results directly to knowledge workers as a stand-alone cloud or on-premise solution or as a set of services to boost the power of search and collaboration in a company’s existing information management systems.

The platform selects, structures and delivers key Internet and internal information needed by businesses to keep up to date, answer questions, and solve problems.

Mine Value from Lost Information

A major cause of losing information is that organizing and tagging documents by hand is expensive and inconsistent. And searching for documents with missing or incorrect metadata wastes time – or means the documents simply can't be found. Our platform plays the role of the personal, self-learning librarian that finds what you need.

Reduce Real-Time Overload

Most updates streaming to desktops and mobile devices are irrelevant for recognizing and solving immediate problems. Our platform automatically extracts the essential information from the clutter. It has a unique, fine-grained capability to alert individual knowledge workers to newly arrived information that is germane to their areas of responsibility and tasks at hand.

Unlock Connections

Analyze and visualize distributions and trends in your data. Understand the information you have and how it has changed over time. Our platform highlights documents that are related in ways you may have forgotten or were unaware of.

Manage Unstructured Data Growth

As unstructured data growth balloons, manual classification and governance cannot keep pace with organizational requirements. Our platform provides the intelligent filing and finding that companies need.

Simplify Mergers and Acquisitions

When companies merge or acquire new assets, many documents must be analyzed and re-organized to streamline the acquisition and enable seamless ongoing operation of the newly acquired assets. Our platform provides the automation required to solve the problem with minimal time and effort.

Solve the Legacy Documents Problem

Our platform enables reduction of storage cost and mitigation of risk by identifying redundant and outdated documents based on their content, your business needs, your records retention and disposition schedule. It provides the intelligent, automated support that knowledge workers and records managers need.

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