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Unlocking the value in unstructured data with AI

The i2k Connect solution is game-changing AI technology that reduces by 90% the manual effort users spend to find, extract, and analyze unstructured data in documents across multiple silos of information. The i2k Connect AI Platform creates value by helping users find often buried information, leading to better decision-making, safer, more efficient operations, and quantifiable bottom-line results.

i2k connect
i2k solution integrates subject matter expertise with AI technology through natural language processing

Addressing the challenges of finding and analyzing information within unstructured data

The i2k solution integrates subject matter expertise with AI technology through natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML). Already tuned for several industries and applications, it tags documents with accurate, consistent metadata and, with auto-classification against unique industry taxonomies, quickly adapts to any company’s content within any data structure, hardware platform, or application programming interface (API).

i2k Platform comes richly populated with domain expertise

Using AI to connect buried information to deep knowledge important for action

With typical AI systems, data must be adjusted first, then fed into the system to reveal a search outcome. The out-of-the-box i2k Platform comes richly populated with domain expertise. With NLP and ML customization in any particular space, the result is deep knowledge curation that is efficiently accessible.

i2k Platform comes richly populated with domain expertise

Immediate User Benefits

Manages unstructured data growth

As a company’s data expands over time, manual tagging and governance cannot keep pace with organizational requirements. The i2k Platform provides intelligent filing and indexing for managing data growth and reducing redundancy.

Solves the legacy data problem

i2k can be used to reduce storage costs, alleviate licensing issues, and mitigate risk by identifying redundant, outdated, and license-expired documents, a task IT departments and records managers are typically unable to accomplish efficiently.

Streamlines acquisitions and divestitures

i2k can derive a common indexing system to merge or separate the document libraries of companies during mergers and divestitures. The ability to quickly identify and tag content ensures data ownership is identified for all entities and saves significant time.

Finds lost information

i2k technology tags all documents across your platform, even those you may not know you have, returning search results that are relevant and valuable.

Reduces overload

Time lost to information overload costs companies millions of dollars per year. The i2k Platform reduces cost by alerting you to only the newest information you need to identify and solve immediate problems.

Unlocks connections

The i2k Platform highlights documents that are related in ways you may not even be aware. It can analyze and visualize distributions, trends, and correlations in your information.

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