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Oil & gas asset teams make better decisions when armed with complete and accurate data.
i2k Oil and Gas
The i2k AI Platform delivers a new information discovery experience that enables oil & gas asset teams to make better decisions.

Information, much of it contained in disparate types of documents, is the foundation of the oil & gas business. i2k Connect improves operational efficiency by automatically classifying information across upstream, midstream, and downstream into relevant disciplines and taxonomies. In upstream, for example, basins, fields, and formations are recognized by the i2k AI Platform, and files are classified into relevant taxonomies. For example, a search of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Technical Disciplines would return records associated with exploration and production data, and drilling events that can impact safety and productivity.

The i2k AI Platform delivers a new information discovery experience for oil & gas professionals, bringing together both internal and internet information that enables asset teams to make better decisions.

The innovative i2k AI-based engine automatically and consistently characterizes documents with oil & gas concepts and geotags that best describe the content.

i2k Oil and Gas

Upstream oil & gas knowledge

i2k oil rig and oil barrels

100,000 basins, fields, wells, and formations

More than a million relevant natural language terms that enable classification of files into 15 taxonomies, including the SPE Technical Disciplines and customer-supplied taxonomies

19,000 natural language terms to recognize and extract data from well files, including daily drilling reports, end-of-well reports, DLIS, LAS, and LIS files

More than 10,000 natural language terms to recognize events that impact operations and supply chains, including 12 types of adverse drilling events, including lost circulation and stuck pipe

Natural language knowledge, like parts of speech, and what constitutes a good keyword phrase (called a “concept tag” in the i2k Platform)

Knowledge of how to recognize and interpret tabular data in PDF and other file formats

Knowledge of how to extract data points from sentences

Knowledge of how to identify document titles

Knowledge of how to read and summarize log data files (LAS, LIS, DLIS)

i2k data flow organization
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