Other Domains

The i2k Connect AI Platform can be customized for implementation in any domain.
i2k Data
The i2k AI Platform has millions of built-in pieces of knowledge.

Executives make decisions based on analysis of the details in high-level reports. Getting the right details in a timely manner is essential to supporting any business strategy. i2k AI Platform can help decision-makers deal with unstructured data within legacy documents, newly created ones, or data from internet repositories.

i2k Data

Customized domain knowledge


Natural language terms that apply to any knowledge domain

Natural language terms that enable classification of files according to all aspects of any business domain

More than 10,000 natural language terms to recognize events that impact operations and supply chains

Natural language knowledge, like parts of speech, and what constitutes a good keyword phrase (called a “concept tag” in the i2k Platform)

Knowledge of how to recognize and interpret tabular data in PDF and other file formats

Knowledge of how to extract data points from sentences

i2k data flow organization
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