Use Cases

Power is knowledge discovered, knowledge interpreted, knowledge shared. The i2k AI Platform increases the power of organizations exponentially to solve problems, invent new methods, and overcome physical distance.
Information discovery

The i2k AI Platform powers the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Research Portal to deliver an exceptional information discovery experience to more than 100,000 upstream oil & gas industry professionals. With a vast repository of resources, SPE is a trusted source of technical knowledge and tools that inform the work of oil & gas professionals and promote best practices in the industry. The i2k AI Platform connects those resources, stored for decades in an unstructured system, with scientists, researchers, students, and executive decision-makers who work in the upstream oil & gas space.

AI technology

The i2k Platform was selected as the AI technology embedded within the Schlumberger DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment. The DELFI cognitive E&P environment harnesses data, scientific knowledge, and domain expertise, providing a collaborative space for teams to work together via APIs. From AI to analytics, the DELFI environment, powered by i2k technology, makes applications and workflows accessible to all users and enables team members to build common workspaces for data, models, and interpretations while respecting proprietary information boundaries.

Oilfield Places®

The i2k AI Platform recognizes and disambiguates references to places of interest. It exposes a taxonomy that characterizes places from defined geopolitical and geological standpoints. The platform enables rapid identification and auto-classification of structured and unstructured content, accelerating users’ ability to find and leverage the data they need.

Two companies merge into one

Two major oil companies merged to form an independent energy company with the scale to help supply the energy needed for global growth and development. Each company has millions of documents in siloed databases that must be merged into a common framework and indexing system that can be used by the combined workforce. i2k Connect had already worked with one of the companies and is continuing to implement the i2k AI Platform to make accessible the data of the massive unstructured information and knowledge held by both companies. With a working taxonomy already in place for the oil & gas space, the merged companies will be able to share their legacy knowledge to promote collaboration that will ensure safe and efficient operations and support the strategy of long-term value growth.

Delivery of current news for a target audience

Created by a team of Ph.D. health experts, TOVI furnishes up-to-date, personalized health information to employees at its corporate clients. The i2k AI Platform pulls from several dozen designated sources so that TOVI experts can more quickly determine which health news and advice is best suited to its customer community. With i2k, TOVI spends much less time separating the critical news from the information overload and clutter that costs precious time to curate.

i2k supports implementation and documentation of ESG efforts

During the development and implementation of an Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) strategy, a large medical supply company had to be sure it could align its sustainability vision with the ethical and democratic use of its knowledge-laden documents while protecting confidentiality and proprietary data. The i2k AI Platform was selected to help stakeholders access the unstructured content in its repository, while partitioning off information that could not be made public. In addition, i2k NewsFinder was implemented to keep the internal legal department abreast of governmental and medical regulations while ensuring its business activities adhered to ethical and legal conduct in dealing with suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders.

Divestiture requires the split of document library

When a company spun off one of its divisions, the document library had to be split according to agreed-upon criteria. i2k Connect assisted with the task for a library containing millions of documents in diverse formats. In addition, licensed data could not be passed on and had to be identified and removed from the collection. Remediation was required to identify the data, which was stored natively, as images or other file formats, embedded within reports or slide presentations. The i2k AI Platform pruned and split the data quickly and located the licensed data that, had it been retained, would have cost $2 million in licensing fines.