Our Team

Expertise is the Difference

Our team of experts is what sets us apart from others providing AI solutions in the marketplace. With 125+ years of combined experience in industry, computing sciences and AI, we help accelerate the integration of AI within your organization to drive digital transformation.

Reid G. Smith, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and CEO

Before founding i2k Connect, Reid was VP of Research and Knowledge Management at Schlumberger, Enterprise Content Management Director at Marathon Oil, and Senior Vice President for Information Solutions at Medstory, a vertical search company purchased by Microsoft. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) from Stanford University and is a Fellow of AAAI and AAAS.

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Bruce G. Buchanan, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

Bruce is chiefly responsible for the AI science used in the i2k Connect Platform. He is also the University Professor of Computer Science Emeritus at the University of Pittsburgh. Before joining the Pitt faculty as a Professor of Computer Science, Medicine, and Philosophy, he was a Professor of Computer Science (Research) at Stanford where he worked on the Dendral, Meta-Dendral, Mycin, and Protean systems. He has supervised more than two dozen Ph.D. dissertations in AI and related fields. Bruce holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Michigan State University; he is a Fellow of AAAI and the American College of Medical Informatics, an elected member of the National Academy of Medicine, and has served as the secretary-treasurer and president of AAAI.

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Eric J. Schoen, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Eric has overall responsibility delivering the i2k Connect Platform. He plays a major role in ensuring the architecture, AI science and processing algorithms are robust enough to enable operation at scale in cloud-based, on-premise and hybrid installations. Before joining i2k Connect, Eric spent over thirty years at Schlumberger, in both research and engineering functions, most recently as its Chief Software Architect. At Schlumberger, he contributed to a broad range of software, from the company’s early pioneering efforts to leverage knowledge-based systems, its GeoFrame and Ocean platforms for reservoir characterization, its software quality processes, and its strategies for enterprise-scale architecture for data acquisition, transmission, processing, and delivery. Eric holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from Stanford University.

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Rebecca Thomas

Chief Operating Officer

Becky brings 25+ years’ experience in technology commercialization to i2k Connect. Her expertise is in building companies from startup to exit through a proven methodology of sales, business development, marketing, and customer acquisition. She has been instrumental in several startups including QCase, Bauguss Consulting, Meridio, Trusted Edge, NextPage, Active Navigation, Strategic Saas, Gimmal, and Broad Wing Aerial. She holds a Bachelor of Science Business Management, University of Phoenix.

Joshua Eckroth, Ph.D.

Chief Architect

Josh has primary responsibility for the software architecture that underpins the i2k Connect Platform. He is also Associate Professor of Computer Science at Stetson University. Josh holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science) from The Ohio State University. Josh became Associate Editor for AAAI’s Interactive AI Magazine on January 1, 2021.

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Sebastian Florez

Software Developer

Sebastian is responsible for new i2k Connect platform software and service features. He is a Computer Science graduate of Stetson University.

Julia Elliott

Director of Service Delivery

Julia has nearly 25 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas industry.  She has held roles with global companies specializing in seismic acquisition, data processing, exploration and upstream operations.  Her expertise ranges from GIS and mapping and seismic survey vessel management to data management, with a focus on electronic media and seismic and well data.  Julia holds a BS in Communication Sciences from the University of Texas.  An avid reader, in her spare time she enjoys international travel and quilting.

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David Mack Endres, M.S.

Technical Advisor

Mack is responsible for design, development and deployment. He has worked in software engineering for over 40 years, at Unisys/Burroughs, ITT Research, and Schlumberger. Most recently, he was an Engineering Advisor for Earth Model Architecture, working on Schlumberger’s Petrel/Ocean platforms and Omega seismic processing environment. Mack holds a Master’s degree in Computer and Communication Science from the University of Michigan. He is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and holds the IEEE Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) certification.

Steven Gardner

Senior Information Analyst

Steve is responsible for user interface ease-of-use and functionality testing. Over 35+ years at Marathon Oil, Marathon Petroleum and Noah Consulting, he led many process improvement and change management initiatives. Steve has been Purchasing Manager, IT Architect, and Enterprise Content Management Manager. He is very experienced in downstream energy business processes and support functions. Steve is a graduate of the University of Findlay.