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AITopics for AAAI and the AI community

New AI Information Discovery

The i2k Connect Platform powers AITopics, the Internet's largest collection of information about the research, the people, and the applications of Artificial Intelligence. Its mission is to educate and inspire through a wide variety of curated and organized resources gathered from across the web. AITopics is sponsored by The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

AITopics 3.0 delivers a new experience for finding and analyzing information to students interested in Artificial Intelligence, as well as AI professionals. The key is novel AI-based technology that automatically tags documents with accurate, consistent metadata.

Included in the service is AAAI AI-Alert, a weekly e-mail summary of artificial intelligence news from around the world – automatically selected and enriched. Subscribe to the mailing list.

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"The AAAI is pleased to be working with i2k Connect to deliver a new look and new functionality for AITopics. The site continues to be a valuable resource for our members and the lay public for current and historical information about AI. It is especially gratifying to have the power of AI used in the service of the AI community."

– Carol Hamilton, Executive Director, AAAI

i2k Connect Platform for your organization

We can deliver an AITopics experience for your organization that brings together both internal and Internet information. i2k Connect understands the challenges that large organizations face when managers and individual contributors are overloaded with data because they lack effective tools to recognize and focus on just the data they need. Time lost to overload costs large companies from tens to hundreds of millions of dollars per year. i2k Connect can solve that problem using a novel combination of AI-based machine learning and subject matter expertise.

your environment, as-is

The i2k Connect platform is right at home in your current environment, whether on-premise, cloud or a hybrid. With connectors to SharePoint, File Shares and other Enterprise Content Management systems, it is ready for your content.

just the news you need

i2k Newsflash identifies and delivers news that requires urgent attention. Separating the critical data from the clutter reduces time lost to information overload.

tags, your way

The i2k Connect Platform supports interactive analysis of internal and Internet information, using the tags and taxonomies your organization prefers.

i2k Connect Platform Functionality in a Nutshell

Essential News

Our platform has a unique fine-grained capability to alert you when new Internet and internal information appears that is germane to your areas of responsibility and tasks at hand.


We've built a powerful auto-summary tool that reads each document, identifies the key points, and compiles them into an outline so you can hone in on the information that matters to you.

Relevant Topics

Our platform is adaptable and able to categorize content into over a dozen taxonomies, including Information Technology, in addition to your organization's specific taxonomies.  

Interactive Analysis

With useful metadata such as concept tags and topics, it's easier than ever to filter and find documents. Graphical analyzers elevate your ability to detect trends and connections.