i2k Connect Powers Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Enriched Search—Novel Artificial Intelligence Technology for Oil & Gas Information Discovery

April 25, 2017

New ways to see information for more than one hundred thousand industry professionals.

[HOUSTON, TX, April 25, 2017] Using SPE Enriched Search, industry professionals can find and analyze journal articles, conference papers, and other content on SPE.org, PetroWiki, and OnePetro. The key is a novel AI-based engine that automatically and consistently characterizes documents with the oil & gas concepts and geotags that best describe their content.

John Boden, VP of IT and Membership Services for the Society of Petroleum Engineers, said, “SPE has a wealth of highly valued information, but finding it can be a challenge—even when you know it is there.

“Without a dramatic change, the situation will not get any better, especially as the diversity of our information sources expands. i2k Connect’s AI-based tools give our members the means to surface the right information at the right time.”

The new engine categorizes each document in multiple ways, including the Technical Disciplines taxonomy that the SPE and its membership use to group activities and interests. Building on the familiar online shopping experience, its web interface enables people to home in on the information that matters to them.

Analysis and visualization tools illuminate trends in content over time, highlight correlations between topics, and reveal new connections hidden in related content.

“With SPE Enriched Search, industry professionals can find just what they seek and unlock connections to see information in new ways,” said Reid G. Smith, i2k Connect Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Eric J. Schoen, Director of Engineering, added, “Oil and gas companies are increasingly using artificial intelligence techniques to analyze, interpret, and act upon their highly structured data. SPE Enriched Search demonstrates how applying AI to documents—the greatest body of untapped knowledge that companies have—can inform complex decision-making.”

About i2k Connect LLC

The mission of i2k Connect is to revolutionize information discovery—the ability to find, filter, and analyze information. Its novel artificial intelligence technology—informed by industry knowledge—transforms unstructured documents into structured data. i2k Connect delivers analysis-ready results directly to knowledge workers as a new cloud or on-premise information management solution, or via services to power up existing systems.