i2k Connect Reaches Hiring Milestone to Deliver Next Generation AI Platform

March 24, 2023

i2k Connect Inc., a global leader in artificial intelligence software, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its team of personnel with four new members.

[HOUSTON, TX, March 24, 2023] “We welcome new personnel to i2k Connect to bring their different perspectives to solutions for our customer’s challenges,” said CEO Reid Smith. “The company’s membership is particularly relevant as the amount of text and data continues to increase—both on the web and in proprietary databases. i2k Connect’s leadership in creating value from semi-structured and unstructured data benefits customers in several industry sectors and helps them make sense of all that information.”

The new team members are Matthew Buchanan, Dylan Holmes, Dalton Hough, and Dhanvanthri Natarajan. Their backgrounds vary from work experience in the financial industry to college majors in philosophy and include two recent doctorates in computer science. All are working closely with customer representatives to make working closely with customer representatives to make AI technology immediately useful.

i2k Connect’s approach to AI is described in a recent post i2k-ai.com/ChatGPT as focusing on a partnership model in which AI programs use knowledge of a client’s subject area in the role of an intelligent assistant. Smith added, “We believe the partnership model offers a way for companies to benefit from AI today. Adding staff helps us deliver immediate value.”

About i2k Connect Inc.

i2k Connect’s novel artificial intelligence technology is informed by industry knowledge. Our platform creates structured data from unstructured documents and delivers analysis-ready results directly to knowledge workers in-cloud or on-premises via a browser of Web API. Learn how i2k Connect® software creates value from unstructured data.