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Information is the foundation of the business of Oil & Gas, much of it contained in documents. We improve the operational efficiency by automatically identifying basins, fields and formations, and by classifying, into the Society of Petroleum Engineers‘ disciplines, and other taxonomies.

We deliver a new information discovery experience for your organization – to bring together both internal and internet information, including SPE content.

The key is an innovative AI-based engine that automatically and consistently characterizes documents with the Oil & Gas concepts and geotags that best describe the content. Our platform builds on the familiar online shopping experience so you can focus on the information that matters to you.



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Information Discovery

The i2k Connect AI Platform powers the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ (SPE) Research Portal to deliver a new information discovery experience to more than one hundred thousand Upstream Oil & Gas industry professionals.

AI Technology

Our platform was selected as the AI technology embedded within the Schlumberger DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment.

Oilfield Places®

The i2k AI Platform recognizes and disambiguates references to places of interest. It exposes a taxonomy that characterizes places from defined geopolitical and geological standpoints. You will benefit from rapid identification and auto-classification of structured and unstructured content, which accelerates your ability to find and leverage the data you need now.

Industry Knowledge

The i2k AI Platform has millions of pieces of information and knowledge built-in.

  • 100,000 basins, fields, wells, and formations.
  • Over a million relevant natural language terms and their mappings into 15 taxonomies, including the SPE Technical Disciplines.
  • 19,000 natural language terms to recognize and extract data from well files, including daily drilling reports, end of well reports, DLIS, LAS, and LIS files.
  • 750 ways to recognize 12 types of adverse drilling events in well files, including lost circulation and stuck pipe.
  • Natural language knowledge, like part of speech, and what constitutes a good keyword phrase (called a “concept tag” in the i2k Platform).
  • Knowledge of how to recognize and interpret tabular data in PDF and other file formats.
  • Knowledge of how to extract data points from sentences.

We have automated the process so you can avoid the manual effort of finding the information you need.

“SPE has a wealth of highly valued information, but finding it can be a challenge – even when you know it is there. Without a dramatic change, the situation will not get any better, especially as the diversity of our information sources expands. i2k Connect’s AI-based tools give our members the means to surface the right information at the right time.”

– John Boden, VP of IT and Membership Services, SPE